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PLoS One と査読システムに関する考察 - Ultrabem - トップページ.

– 事実,1年間(2013年)で36,713本もの論文を掲載した PLOS ONE の論文採択率は約7割と高い(ビンフィールド 2011)。オープンアクセスジャーナル 4 • OAJの普及にともなう採択基準の軟化をどのように 受け止め,研究の質をどのよう. 下がったジャーナルには例えば、掲載数では世界最大のPLoS ONEがあります。PLoS ONEのインパクト・ファクターは2010年の4.4(論文掲載数6,749)から、2012年の3.7(論文掲載数23,468)へと、16%の下降でした。興味深いことに. PLoS 社は,上記の考えのもとに PLoS Biology を 2003 年に創刊した。これはいわゆるハイ・インパクト誌であり,2013 年の impact factor は 11.77 である。審査も厳しくする必要があり,あまり多くの論文を載せることができない。. PLoS One Journal Impact Factor ISSN:: 1932-6203 PLOS ONE 2015/2016 Impact Factor: 4.411 2014 Impact Factor: 3.234 2013 Impact Factor: 3.534 2012 Impact Factor: 3.73 2011 Impact Factor: 4.092 2010 Impact Factor: 4.

Scientific Reports誌が出版論文数でPLOS ONEを逆転(記事紹介) カレントアウェアネス・ポータル 日本の大学などのプレスリリースやマスコミの報道を見ていると、最近はサイレポの発表論文の報道が非常に多いという印象があります。. SJR impact factor of PLoS One, 1932-6203, SCImago Journal Rank, impact factor TOP PUBLISHERS Elsevier Springer-Verlag Taylor & Francis John Wiley and Sons Sage Publications SciELO Walter de Gruyter Redalyc. PHYSICAL SCIENCE EXPANSION Find a home for your Physical Sciences and Engineering research in PLOS ONE. We are expanding our research expertise to include these disciplines and look forward to diligently handling your.

PLOS One stylized PLOS ONE, and formerly PLoS ONE is a peer-reviewed open access scientific journal published by the Public Library of Science PLOS since 2006. The journal covers primary research from any discipline within science and medicine.. 2016/02/02 · Based on how Impact Factors are calculated, a decline in output will help PLOS ONE’s next Impact Factor Read a recent update to this piece: PLOS ONE Output Drops Again In 2016. PLOS ONE’s 2015 Impact Factor is expected to rise, the result of its shrinking size. インパクト・ファクターとは? ジャーナル・インパクト・ファクター(Journal Impact Factor)は、学術雑誌の影響力を測る指標で、対象年における引用回数を、対象年に先立つ 2 年間にそのジャーナルが掲載したソース項目の総数で割る. PLOS ONE welcomes original research submissions from the natural sciences, medical research, engineering, as well as the related social sciences and humanities, including: -Primary research that contributes to the base of. PLoS ONE SciRev ratings provided by authors based on 108 reviews Duration of manuscript handling phases Click to compare Duration first review round 2.9 mnths compare → Total handling time accepted manuscripts 4.5.

should be determined individually rather than through theoverall impact factor of the journal. I think in the age where technology advances and information flows at ever faster speeds, PLoS ONE I think in the age where technology advances and information flows at ever faster speeds, PLoS ONE. 2013/06/14 · PLOS ONE – Measuring Article Impact Posted June 14, 2013 by Damian Pattinson in Article-Level Metrics, Open Access A common misconception of PLOS ONE is that just because we don’t consider perceived impact or novelty when deciding what to publish, doesn’t mean we don’t care about the impact of articles we publish.

Abbreviated Journal Title ISSN Total Cites Impact Factor 5-Year Impactor Factor Articles Cited Half- life Article Influence TM Score 4OR-Q J OPER RES 1619-4500 163 0.323 32 4.6 AAOHN J 0891-0162 405 0.509 51 6.5 AAPG BULL. PLOSはAPCにのみ基づくビジネスモデルで運営されている。2013年の収益の92%はPLOS ONEによって占められていたが、2016年には89%まで減少した。PLOS ONE一誌に依存したビジネスモデルから脱却し、新しいビジネス戦略を採用. PLOS ONE Beschreibung Wissenschaftliche Fachzeitschrift Fachgebiet Alle Sprache Englisch Erstausgabe 2006 Impact Factor 2,806 2016 Chefredakteur Joerg Heber Herausgeber Public Library of Science Weblink. PLOS ONEの2013年のインパクトファクターは3.534であった [36]。 Scopus Journal Analyzerの"Trend Line"(ある年において、いままでその雑誌に掲載されたすべての論文への総引用数を、その年に掲載された論文数で割った数値)で 。.

PLoS One Journal Impact Factor.

PLOS ONE PLOS ONEの概要 ナビゲーションに移動検索に移動PLOS ONE 略称 ISOPLOS ONE学術分野主に科学と医学言語英語編集者ダミアン・パティンソン詳細出版社Public Library of Sci. 作者:蔡依橙 前幾天,JCR 剛公布 2016 年 impact factor,查了一下幾本在社群內討論熱度高的期刊,順手作了些筆記與短評,跟大家分享。 Scientific Reports 影響係數:5.228 –> 4.259 排名:依然是 MULTIDISCIPLINARY. En 2013 PLOS ONE publicó 31.500 artículos, cerca de 8000 más que en 2012. [4] En 2014 PLOS ONE publicó el artículo número 100.000. Según los Journal Citation Reports, la revista tiene un factor de impacto de 3,234. [5] [6].

As PLOS ONE Shrinks, 2015 Impact Factor Expected to Rise.

PLOS ONE è una rivista scientifica di tipo open access pubblicata da Public Library of Science PLOS dal dicembre 2006. Pubblica ricerche originali riguardanti tutte le discipline di ambito scientifico. Adotta il modello “author pays” puro, che prevede il pagamento di un contributo economico da parte degli. 2013/03/21 · RE: impact factor. Yes, PLOS ONE does have a relatively good IF, but I would be more interested in discipline-specific impact factors. Surely someone has done this, but I haven’t seen it. I think the number of people that follow. In sum, PLoS ONE‘s first and astounding 4.35 impact factor should neither be reason to celebrate nor ridicule, for it puts the publisher in a position that may require them to start treating PLoS ONE like other conventional journals. The archive for this journal includes: PLoS One: Vols. 1 to 14; 2006 to 2019 PLoS Clin Trials: Vols. 1 to 2; 2006 to 2007. PLOS ONE 是最積極在做科學社群,以及促進科學與全世界人類溝通的期刊。他們有專屬的部落格 EveryONE,定期採訪、報導、出文。 最近剛好 10 週年,有許多專案整理,很有意思,包括: PLOS ONE 用嚴格的 reporting。.

2019/12/23 · PLoS ONE is an open access peer-reviewed scientific journal published by the Public Library of Science PLoS since 2006. It covers primary research from any discipline within science and medicine. All submissions go. Total Cites Impact Factor 5-Year Impact Factor Immediac y Index Articles Cited Half-life Eigenfacto r Score Article Influence Score JCR‐Impact‐Factors‐List‐2013 Rank Abbreviated Journal Titlelinked to journal information ISSN JCR. 2014/08/14 · In 2013 Elsevier journals occupied the top position by Impact Factor in 61 subject categories, up from 58 in 2012. In addition, 14 Elsevier journals have risen to the top of their subject category and 40 journals have received an.

2017/01/05 · PLOS ONE, the largest scholarly journal in the world, continues to shrink. The open-access mega-journal’s output, measured by how many articles it publishes a year, last year fell to 22,054 -- its lowest since 2012 and. Articles from PLoS Pathogens are provided here courtesy of Public Library of Science.

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